Dentify dreadnout and escape?

Good afternoon, a few months ago I took a version of A-BOT that contained a command line to identify Dreadnouts in the anomaly, and in case it respaw it it would abound to avoid dying.

Does anyone have this version of A-BOT that contains this code in the combat.cs file so I can adapt it to mine?

the dread , his declaration and retreat you can find here ( is not a big difference between declaration in sanderling or A-bot:

Also here: Avoiding to struggle - a guide for beginers

you have the usage of list; the declaration is like for commander

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you are looking for this bit of code:

var listOverviewDreadCheck = listOverviewEntry?.Where(entry => entry?.Name?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase("Dreadnought") ?? false).ToList();

if (listOverviewDreadCheck.Count() > 0)
				// do whatever you need to do in here

best PQ

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Thank you … that’s what I was looking for …