Data/Relic Site Hacking - Can one scriptify EVE hacking?

Newb here. Is it possible to make a script that can play the hacking mini-game instantly/rapidly, a script that makes the least amount of mouse clicks to get to the system core, and dealing with any defensive subsystems if it absolutely can not continue without clicking on them?

I think that the task is very complex and does not correspond to the benefits. But you can try. Good luck.

I’m 110% sure it was already done. I have seen quite a lot relic bots in Venal.

it’s very very very complex, but definitely worth because loot from relics are by far most profitable in eve. (not everyone want to rat in a super :wink: )

it was done for sure … actually because of them i found sanderling :))
so they do:
make a travel of 40 systems in astero,
they save the bookmarks in every system before start boting.
they cloak right after they jump in system.
on the relic sites they keep distance and aligned in same time to safespot
also it seems they detect bubbles. or gatecamp

if you wait them cloaked ( the guys tried all variants) they dissapear in 1 second.

and they hack! and travel from system to system all day and forever.

i know … we’ve been hunting few bots and they are quick as fuck, killed only two of them.
In like half an hour same character with new astero was again on route. They always use WH from HS to null.

I would love to have that bot … fortune as fuck