Computer storage full

Hi, i fairly new to all this kind of bot deal kind of thing so I dont know alot of thing so i might be wrong. But recently whenever i use online session of the mining bot, it seem like keep filled up my storage space even i clear out like GBs of it it still manage still fill back up. Idk what why it happened or what cause. Is there anyway to stop it or at least uk make it fill an external drive cuz i had a bunch of 1TB hard drive that im not using

Maybe these new files are coming from the session recordings?
In that case the easiest solution is to set the --detailed-session-recording= option to off:

Here is a configuration to do this:

Umm the solution seem to solved the problem but when i start the session again it seem to record back on, even when i try to delete that one and down the new one it still doesn’t work

What do you see in the engine window? Can you link a screenshot?