Completely new to Botting, some probably dumb questions

ive seen botengine recomended by some of my friends, but ive taken a look around and im struggling to get my head around how it works.

  1. Can it be made so once a neutral enters local, the bot turns off the afterburner on the ship, recalls drones, and docks in a Friendly Citadel?

  2. Does the bot automatically orbit the rats? The fit I am using dies very quickly if it doesnt keep transversal up.

  3. Can the bot be run on multiple clients?

  4. Can it be made to automatically target rats webbing or disrupting it, but otherwise let Drone Auto Aggression complete the site for it?

  5. Can the bot be made to check if a site is occupied before it warps to it?

Yes. I had a look at the catalog to find a ready-made app that already has this feature.
I found this one: FrontendWeb.Main

In the description of that app, I also found this setting:

  • hide-when-neutral-in-local : Should we hide when a neutral or hostile pilot appears in the local chat? The only supported values are no and yes.

That might also look for the citadel in the overview, so the faster way to dock could be to make it visible there.

For orbiting the rats, see this one: FrontendWeb.Main

Yes. Most apps work so that each instance works on one game client. As a result, you open one instance of the engine for each game client. Regarding the engine, It looks like multi-instance support will be improved further in about 6 weeks.

Yes, you should see an indication for these kinds of effects on the overview entries of these rats. If you have trouble finding it, you can link a screenshot here so I can have a look.

Thank you for the response Michael :slight_smile:

I had a look in the catalog and the “priority rat” feature looks like something that could be used to target web ships first, considering their are only a few different types…

My accounts often rat in busy systems though, is there a version that has that feature and warps to a new site if a blue is in one it warps to?

Also I am having trouble running it on multiple clients at once, it will seemingly only detect and use one at a time

I see multiple ways to add this. A simple way would depend on that blue being visible in the local chat window. Would that work in your case?

The app I linked above works as follows: When the app starts, it picks the game client based on the current Z-index of the game client window. It takes the one that is closest to the front, meaning closest to input focus. The app then remembers the choice for the current session.

That app also displays the title of the game client window, but only in the step where the choice happens, so that might be visible less than one second.

From how that app works follows: When you have multiple game clients open, focus the one that you want to associate with the instance of the botengine app that you start next. This way, you can link each instance of the app to another game client process.

Other apps offer to configure the pilot name via app-settings (you would need to select the character in-game for that first), but that seems overkill in this case.

I got around to compiling a guide on running bots on multiple clients. You can read the full guide at

The systems im in often have other blues that arent in sites, so i dont think that would work. I could configure the overview to show other players as well, if it could be made to read that and warp to a different site if the first one it selects already has someone in it?

I just tested how to use it on multiple clients though, and got it working <3 ty

Could we solve that by using the intersection between names in the overview window and names in the local chat window? I mean computing the subset of names that appear in both windows.

I don’t understand that part:

I have no image of how this could look. Is this something that would be visible in single screenshot?