Complete noob to coding. Trying to make a-bot work

My coding experience is limited to a 10 minute coding course in c# but I can read the code and guess what it does, I can also copy and paste.
Basically I’ve got the bot functioning and I’ve made a .config file for the “safe bookmark” thing, but I want it to go to a specific anomaly, I found this link Implement selection of anomaly per name as requested at http://forum.… · botengine-de/A-Bot@4f34ab2 · GitHub that details excatly what I want, but when I made a .config file with the Config code in there it doesn’t work.

Maybe that’s not how you implement it I have no idea. Basically I just want to Configure the bot to warp to a certain anomaly and I have no idea how, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi and welcome,
in original Abot, this bit was working quite ok-ish why you are reworking it? just clean your probescanner and you are good to go

anyway this is what you need if you want to select anomalies by names instead of by type.

public bool AnomalySuitableGeneral(Interface.MemoryStruct.IListEntry scanResult) => scanResult?.CellValueFromColumnHeader("Name")?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase("haven") ?? false;

dont bother with config if you are just starting with coding, that’s bit of complex task

Maybe it was working, it just always seemed to select the anomaly at the top of the list. And I was also under the impression that the config file was necessary for it to function. How else do you configure the bot? It needs some input right like the bookmark and stuff. And I would add that code to the config file?
Thanks for your response

yes it requires config and there is only one entry which is Retreatbookmark if I recon it correctly
if you want to extend it, it’s bit of work inside the actuall code to get it right…

and yes, original Abot is doing anomalies from top to bottom, so how you order your probescanner that’s how he does this.

code i’ve posted will let you select anomalies by name

Aaah I see. Thank you very much

Hey, I have one more question if you have time.
I’m using a vni that relies somewhat on speed tanking, is there a way to make the bot automatically orbit something and turn on the AB?

yes indeed is … you probably want to take a look onto this: Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency

and use sanderling framework with those scrips which probably will suit you straightaway


Thank you very much for your time, I’ll check that out