Complete botting beginner looking for a starting point

Hi all, sorry if this is a topic you get a lot but I’ve been playing eve for almost 5 years and have little time to actually play now. I’ve been looking to get into botting as a way of continuing to earn and engage with the game while I’m busy but don’t know where to start. Would you recommend making a bot or trying a bot to begin with? Any recommendations for an alt alpha account to make some “passive” income?

I would recommend trying a ready-made bot for passive income.
For a more comfortable game, it is desirable to have virtual machines with a proxy on each. This will avoid a quick ban for using a large number of accounts with a bot.
You have to join a corporation that lives in nullsec. Not all corporations allow the use of bots.

Thanks for the advice! Using a VM is a great idea I never thought about. For the bot, would it just be doing anom/belt ratting in a fairly simple fit like the old VNI haven fit? How much isk/hour do you think I could expect from it?

Now isk per hour is not very stable. It all depends on the system itself. We did not send ships to the havens, as they are quite long in pass and disruptors are often found there. I had to modify the bot for stable work on three accounts at once.

I can imagine given the RNG involved. Also, are there any alternatives to botlab? the 15 minute trial sounds like it won’t really be long enough to assess whether the bot will work for a long period of time.

One trick we use for testing within the free trial timeframe is to distribute the testing of a single bot on multiple sessions. When you find a bot that would require more than 15 minutes for testing, you can split your test into multiple play sessions.

Most EVE Online developers use a bot architecture that protects you against surprising side-effects accumulating throughout a session. This architecture enables you to test parts of the automated activities in separate sessions.

That’s certainly a good idea. Better than just chucking it on and going to bed hoping everything works in the morning.