Code offer and question to other bots

Hey guys I am still looking for a bot that can fly carrier and super carrier. I know of the topic that has been discussed that capital bots can influence the eve econmic system and i totally agree on as long as the capital-isk making is not going over the roof as we saw with the guy who was botting in 8 nyx’s.
Anyways all I am looking for is to pay my subscription with isk and have a little extra for pvp. Which is not quite working with my subcap bot.

Topic 1: Since I dont have the time to code it my self I would pay for a version of A-Bot that supports carrier or even super carrier ratting. It needs to be a version that is fully functional and I would agree on not to populate it. So if you have such a bot or could program it i would buy it. - You can also send me a privat massage

Topic 2: Incase no one of you guys can help me out with that. Does anyone have experiance in useing capital bots that u have to pay for like: the bot “IskMaker”? Are they safe and good to use?

Have you ratted in a carrier? I feel that you must do it for a few hours without losing fighters so that you know what you are asking for.

I have looked into this, extensively. No publicly available bot can use fighters with the speed and accuracy needed to keep from losing almost all fighters in the biggest anomalies. So many fighters would be lost, to the point of the subcap bots being better than carriers. Input speed is a double edged sword because Eve has input thresholds. Too slow and fighters die. Too fast and keys stay down or up, causing much bigger problems. Doing all that is needed to not lose fighters, AND keeping the damn thing from losing alignment, makes things even more complex. (A ship worth 2b+ that takes 20+ seconds to align, makes the precision needed extremely high, further increasing complexity.)

I know the complexity needed because I decided to prototype it. That has taken me months, with 500 to a thousand hours of development. It almost works, but still loses some fighters and alignment a few times per site. That is just the combat logic. It can’t reload or do other necessary things.

I honestly feel like anyone asking for a capital bot is woefully naive about what they are asking for.

  • No offense, but a promise from someone anonymous (which is basically everyone) over the internet is near meaningless.
  • One patch can break a bot, so supporting them is so frustrating and time consuming because 95% of users give bad and misleading information, or just screw something up and blame the developer without making any effort to be sure.
  • Program licensing isn’t that hard to crack. I know because I have done it to recent Microsoft products. Programs aren’t necessarily one use things for anyone dedicated to cracking something.
  • Consequently, I wouldn’t sell the inadequate program I have for less than several thousand dollars for the time I’ve expended. And anyone willing to pay that much would need a return on that to warrant the price, meaning they’d intend to hack it.
  • If someone went the route of mass volume licensing, or cap bots (from another developer) were found to be widely used, CCP would crack down and make updating the bot a nightmare.
  • A developer could instead make a VM farm, RMT ISK, and probably make as much or more money, and completely avoid pretty much all of the problems above…

Hey Innominate!

Okey that makes sense to me.Thanks for your honest oppinion here and giving me an inside view of this!

I’ve been looking at using pure scripting to accomplish different things …

I was wondering if you rewrote your own or modified A-Bot code and used it as a foundation for what you have achieved thus far.

Did you only rat in the most difficult anomalies with your bot or have you tried the smaller ones, I am unsure if the loss of fighters would be the same … along with isk/h.

No, I already had about 10k LoC in Autohotkey for the base classes. (Now about 15k.) A-Bot is too slow and waits while the memory snapshot does it’s thing, which is a half to full second at full load. Sanderling gets the data while my AHK is moving the mouse. Works way better that way.

I tried most site types. Even the lower difficulty ones are bad because they have more frigates that shoot fighters.

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