Closing online sessions - no response doesnt work properly

How to manualy close botting session? Sometimes closing cmd window doesnt do anything - session least for next few hours.

In the first ten minutes, this is normal. The system has no way of distinguishing this interruption from a temporary network interruption.

I see a problem with the user interface that will still display the session as running more than ten minutes later.
There is nothing you need to do because the session is already interrupted after ten minutes without an update from your machine. The display does not yet reflect this but automatically fixes itself when you start the next session.
Also, no credits are used after you closed the app on your machine because it did not send any updates after that. (The last update time is displayed correctly in the user interface at

Closing the botlab client is enough to end the bot session.

I now changed the user interface in the client to solve this problem: It now has this button labeled ‘Stop’ in the play session view:


When you stop the session using this button, this session’s termination is immediately visible also in the reactor UI.