Chose which hold

would it be possible to add in configuration which hold to use. so i can choice to to use cargo hold that way i could use ships without a orehold. :slight_smile: this would be grate for alphas as they only have access to the small venture

wow does no one know how to do this :frowning:

it makes no sense ( i guess it might work )

ever tried to mine with an industrial ?
most of them can only be equipped with one turrent / miner.

you earn much more m³/h with a simple venture

it does if your alph as you can put miners on any ship and there are plenty with larger holds than a venturs ore hold and with more miners and a larger hold you can mine quicker.
i just need a scrpt that allows you to chose witch hold you you use.

but it seems no one knows how to do it :frowning: