Chinese support

I have tried before “2020-04-12-read-memory-64” “Optimat.EveOnline.Tut.Memread”“Sanderling-main” to search exefiles.but error.
Because I am using Chinese client. Is it possible to add Chinese support?
How to change the memory search program to search for Chinese clients?
Thank you so much.

@Viir Michael Rätzel

Yes, when I have a sample from your game client process, I can adapt the reading to it. Here is a guide on how to save a sample from your game client process: bots/ at main · Viir/bots · GitHub

That depends on the error you got.

thank u very much.

btw i want write a bot .how to use these files?

@Viir look this。thanks。im online ande waiting ur message.^.^

Cool, that worked. I got sample AE65422C3616321756F785F7591D77A28736ED635ACB5579D69F8EB92F10945A from that link.

The first way we use the process sample is to run the memory reading program on it:

read-memory-64-bit.exe  read-memory-eve-online
Reading from process sample AE65422C3616321756F785F7591D77A28736ED635ACB5579D69F8EB92F10945A.
Found 14 candidates for UIRoot in 210 seconds: 0x18281985ED8,0x182819894E8,0x1828A978368,0x1828A97DF18,0x18292213580,0x1829221A790,0x182922325A0,0x18292244340,0x18292244680,0x18293E84A20,0x1829650B280,0x1829DEB15C0,0x1829DEB1940,0x182DAE1C750
Read 3 UI trees in 38049 milliseconds:
0x1829DEB1940: 1307 nodes.
0x1829DEB15C0: 3 nodes.
0x18293E84A20: 1 nodes.
I found no configuration of an output file path, so I use '.\eve-online-memory-reading-44856DBA5F.json' as the default.
I saved memory reading 44856DBA5F8883B66A681631BA8F2D93CEA935A46FF6740AB60B9D82C51EB459 from address 0x1829DEB1940 to file '.\eve-online-memory-reading-44856DBA5F.json'.

As we can see in the output here, memory reading works on this sample, and it read 1307 nodes.
That means the error you were seeing was not a general problem with the memory layout in the Chinese game client.

What output do you get when you run this command on your machine?