Chat text as triggers for retreat?

Hi im fairly new here, question is how can i have texts from chat as triggers? or if not text someother easier way to manually trigger retreat of multiple bots

Currently i semi-afk mine using the bots and was wondering if for example whenever i message the fleet chat/comms(only for the bots) “retreat” all the bots with their fleet chats open would retreat immediately to a bookmark

ive read a lot of related topics and it seems that i can use identifiers like “RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(“retreat”)” or so

void ChatRetreat(WindowChatChannel windowChat) //is this even right?

what to place here???


im completely new to the framework(not with coding in general) is there a wiki/document where i can find lists of usable arguments, definitions, etc for sanderling?

if i can complete this then i will move on to the next part which is a hauler for the fleet, currently i can have the miners defend against npcs, auto jettison their loads and all with 400 lines of codes(trimmed down the mining default script). id love to release the fleet package once im done.

thanks alot, i love sanderling.

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Yes, I wrote this example of how to get the texts from chat:

foreach(var chatChannelWindow in (Sanderling.MemoryMeasurement?.Value?.WindowChatChannel).EmptyIfNull())
	foreach(var chatMessage in (chatChannelWindow?.MessageView?.Entry).EmptyIfNull())
		Host.Log("Chat message text labels: " + String.Join(",", (chatMessage?.LabelText?.Select(label => label?.Text)).EmptyIfNull()));

Yes, warping to a bookmark can be done for example by using the solar system menu from the system info panel.
In the solar system menu, you will find entries for your bookmarks. In the submenus you then find the menu entries to warp to or dock to that bookmark.

You can find guides for specific goals using the guide tag on the forum at
Two examples of what you can find there:

In the wiki, there is a document with description of the structure of the memory measurement at

Another document in the wiki describes common functions and their arguments at

The API Explorer offers an easy way to find the sensor data you are looking for. It shows the live data from the last measurement in a treeview:

You can inspect available stuff in the Sanderling IDE via completion suggestions:

In the Sanderling repository, there is a directory with the types describing the memory structure. You find this subdirectory at

For example, you find the description of chat in there in the file

Sounds exciting! I am looking forward to it.

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This is superb, sorry for being spoonfed hehe. Thanks alot! ill look into this. Thanks again.