Change of Forum Domain Name

Hello All!

I am planning to change the forum domain name to this week on Saturday.

  • This does not affect posts or user accounts. After the change, you can log in at as you did before at
  • I will add an automatic redirection from the old name so that your bookmarks continue to work.
  • There will be a downtime of the forum on Saturday, so even reading will not work for some time.
  • The other websites are not affected.

I will post on this thread when the change is completed.

Thank you for your attention, in case you have any questions or objections, feel free to post here.

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You can now use the forum at

I am working on a redirect from

Now I see that some smilies images seem to contain outdated links. Looks like this needs some more work.

Posts have just been rebaked and smilies seem to work again.

don’t worry and relax, Viir. nothing is burning :wink:

The redirect from old URLs (like works now, thanks to letsencrypt and ohadschn/letsencrypt-webapp-renewer.