Carrier bot info

Hello :slight_smile:,
I’m pretty new here so i hope I won’t do something wrong but I’d like to know if this bot also supports carriers (and supers) before buying it (don’t know if buying is the correct term tho :sweat_smile:). I already searched in the forum but I found only old posts about it.
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Which bot do you mean? BotEngine automates bot development and operation, it helps you get feedback on your program code and compare different bots, nothing specific to a bot.

Rigth :sweat_smile:
I mean this bot: GitHub - botengine-de/A-Bot: EVE Online anomaly ratting bot based on the Sanderling framework
But it’s ok also another bot :blush:

That does not look like it supports carriers. I also do not remember seeing one that supports carriers, so I will leave this question to people more familar with EVE Online.

Since you mentioned “buying” above: It looks like you can test the app you linked without buying. Here is what I found in the readme file:

You can test the bot for free.

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Ok, thank you :blush: