cant get string

hi i got problem with


it says it cant be indexed this way

any help


Well yes, the LabelText property is of type IEnumerable so use the method ElementAtOrDefault instead to get an element. The code then looks like this:


Wow… great thanks…

The problem now is how to filiter text to get price or time…

i think i need to learn c# basics first…

Can you tell me why there is an ? mark before every dot (.)?

Thank you…

Can you tell me why there is an ? mark before every dot (.)?

In the code I posted above, the question marks before dots are parts of the null-conditional operator which consists of two characters, the question mark and the dot.

This operator is used to access members available on the value returned by the expression which is on the left of the operator. You can use it to access methods as well as read field values.