Cant browse web at same time bot running?

Hi there!

My eve mining bot works great, but couple of questions:

What do i need to do so it runs in background so i can use my pc to do other things such as browse net etc?

How do i set it up so i can use the mining bot on my 2 eve accounts? Do both or any of my eve accounts need to be Beta?

And how do i go about buying credits for the 2 bots? do i need to purchase seperate credits for each bot etc?

At the moment im just testing it on Veld belts etc, how do i set it up for ice belts?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello and Welcome! :wave:

The EVE Online bots I have seen so far don’t support running in the background. You can use an OS-level containment to do that. Besides the classic virtual machine, another option is RDP Wrapper.

In that case you will use two instances of the BotLab client, and select a game client with each one.

No need to purchase separate credits. You can run any number of bots using the same account, and the same key.
Of course you will still see a separate entry for each play session in the Reactor.

You can use the mining-site-location setting in the bot settings to use bookmark names from your game client.