Can i use Eve combat bot on multiple Omega accounts?

Can i use {- EVE Online combat anomaly bot version 2021-10-29 } bot on multiple omega accounts on single computer ?

Yes, you can run multiple bot instances, for example of bot 6768ac2443 on a single computer.
These bots use the input focus scheduling functionality in the botlab client to avoid interference between inputs sent from different bots.

Each botlab client instance automatically detects other instances on the same computer to do the scheduling. The user interface also displays this info to confirm the functionality is active:

For the complete guide on running multiple bots on a single computer, see bots/ at main · Viir/bots · GitHub

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Doesn’t seem to work on 2 eve online accounts on same computer.I used offline botlab but when i switch tab on my another eve account the mouse always moves .

The bot works with any number of accounts. But I recommend using no more than 4-5 at the same time. Otherwise, the bot will not have time to respond in every window. And I recommend changing the settings (code) to hotkeys

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Good point. Keyboard commands often offer a faster way to send a command to the game than the mouse. The sooner one bot is done with sending input, the next bot one can begin to send theirs.

Another way to trim the duration of the input sequences would be tuning the delays between the individual elements in mouse inputs. The defaults are conservative to ensure they work with 99% of setups. But many setups also work with shorter delays.