Can I disable orbit?

I want to use Rattlesnake and Sentry Drones.
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I don’t want to use orbit for Target.
If the ship moves because of the orbit, the Sentry Drones cannot be retrieved.
Can I disable orbit?

  1. I would like to select [Warp to Within] [within 100km].


I would be really happy if 1 and 2 were executed.

Yes, you can disable orbit with this change:

Thank you so much for answering.

Which file am I supposed to fix?
Or is the Bot-version I’m accessing already fixed?


And the important thing is to run [Warp to Within] [within 100km].
That way, [Rattlesnack] can landing anomaly in a 100km range and hunt rats without orbiting with [Curator] drones.

Please tell me if it is impossible.
I need to change my rat hunting plan.

Help me PLZ

When you follow the link to the commit on github it shows you the changed files:

Also, you do not need to change a file because that commit also resulted in a new bot here: bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-combat-anomaly-bot at 0acd9036090c976f04f5d757167f30ee079cfc20 · Viir/bots · GitHub

So the easiest way to use your change is to run that bot.

Here is a catalog entry for your bot:

Thank you for your kind reply every time.

Unfortunately the modified program throws an error.

Please check.

[When start]

[Error message]


The original link is below.

Recently we had more users preferring to disable the orbiting. To make this easier, we added the new setting ‘orbit-in-combat’ to the anomaly ratting example bot.

You can turn orbit off with this line in settings:

orbit-in-combat = no

For developers: You can see the change in the program code at