Bring focus to local chat

How does one go about ensuring that local is selected in chat. For example if you form a fleet then focus shifts to the new fleet tab (and away from local). I need to select local again. WindowChatChannel appears to only contain the currently select instance of chat. I can see the LabelText for Local in the WindowStack but not anywhere else.

For those who are interested I have a workaround using the chat button on the neocom.

void SelectLocalChat()
Sanderling.MouseClickLeft(Measurement?.AbovemainPanelGroup?.FirstOrDefault()?.LabelText?.FirstOrDefault(text => text.Text.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(@“local*”)));

I am still interested if there is a method using the WindowChatChannel interface.

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First thing I would look at is how the UI looks like for these different states (selected / not selected).
For example, when selecting things in Eve Online UI, you might have the UI indicate selection status with differing opacity or color of a label. You can then use the color given by Sanderling API to determine selection status.

If the information you are looking for is not visible in screenshots, then it is unlikely that this info is available from the Botting API.