Brand new to the scene

Hi everyone, I just got in to eve and am rather busy with school work. I was trying to rat with a VNI while doing some upper level math and its really hard to focus when I am worried about my ship. So I realized just a nice program that would ensure my ships safety once in system would be great.

So I downloaded A-bot from git-hub. This doesn’t seem to work. Then I tried h-bot and that didn’t do very well either.

This is the only site I have seen that is focused on botting, but it seems like we are to develop our own code? Are there any bots out there that I can use for VNI ratting at the moment?

If that is a rude thing to ask I am sorry, I am willing to do some work to make my own, but it seems like a very complicated process and my computer science knowledge is decent, but not really involved.

Any help would be appreciated.


welcome to the forum.
It’s not rude to ask, but answer is not that simple :slight_smile:

There is Sanderling with some included scripts, but if am not mistaken, there is no Anomaly ratting script , and Sanderling is pay2play, but offering wide variety of usage.

Then there is a Fuzzy’s Abot, which is left where it is… not everything is working and it needs some care before you start. But it’s solid basics and it gives you ideas how to do stuff.

And then there are many many many personal modifications of Abot (like mine) which basically is next logical step, if you want to do it properly.
As everybody lives in different areas, have different ships and skills, needs and etc. There is simply no general solution to everything.
That’s why we are enhancing and tweaking it on our own.

Feel free to ask.

We have sanderling framework, a real piece of art. He read the game interface , and put some tools on the table:
roling a script , something betwen scripting and c# programmation.
an API development interface. actually you can create/modify the scripts.
You can clone the git source of sanderling and bring modifications. The game is modified and sometime you have to change inside the code. by example, the version of game interface.
really important, sanderling doesn’t inject the code in game, so he use the mouse/keyboard. There are advantages ( not so fast detectable) but also disadvantages: you have to stay with your game window open and focused. of course, he is still a bot, and some guys got catched and … banned.

Yes, you have 3 samples of scripts: traveling, one simple mining script and one more developed. Inside this scripts you have basicaly all you need: traveling, moving stuff to inventory, fighting, warping , and protection if some neutrals come to your system. All this could be used for other things by adapting the code: warping to asteroids its almost the same like warping to anomaly ( almost, remember) or to a station. Fighting with rats could be used to run from them :)) or players. Moving the stuff from inventory - to changing a ship.
there are more specialized stuff but you must create yourself: market, hauling, scouts, etc

Abot is a small version of sanderling, packaged differently. the “scripts” are ordered , loaded by steps. Actually are files. He do the same things , differently , more efficient, or faster, or sometime … really different and hardly. He take all anomaly , but you will need to mark them if somebody already fight there. you need to orbit around an object and more stuff. thats why you need coding, because is not an by the box tools, ; its free, but you need to … work on him. Also if the game change, there is virtually nobody toupdate him. Sometime you need a master to resolve the stuffs,
Sanderling has a period of free , for testing, or making your own scripts, but, he is updated, and somebody work on him, and trust me they work hard. In other words, Abot is based on sanderling, he use some DLL from him.

So yes, you have to code. is not (so) hard :slight_smile: if you have some knowledge.

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