Botting help with eve

i want to start botting in eve but have no clue where to start. i want to start with mining and then scale into more advanced bot/scripts when i’m more familiar.

There are multiple options, depending on your preferences.

If you prefer to start with a complete working mining bot, you can just run and make changes only when you run into limitations with that one.

If you want to maximize learning, you could start with the autopilot that shares the same framework ( and then add all functionality that you want for mining yourself.

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how hard is it to getting into coding to make bots? i’ve never tried but i currently have a lot of free time in college right now so i feel like i could learn.

How would we measure ‘hardness’? Maybe it is the amount of time that you need? So let’s look at how much time you’d need to code a bot.

The best description of how to get into coding I found is in the ‘Developing for EVE Online’ in the section titled ‘The Simplest Custom Bot’: bots/ at main · Viir/bots · GitHub

This is a guide on the coding process.

Read-o-meter says that guide contains 457 words and has an estimated reading time of 2 minutes, 17 seconds

Performing the coding cycle takes less than five minutes. But when you do it the first time and are unfamiliar with it, it takes longer — probably about one hour on the first try.

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