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Hi folks,

First things first : . The work done with memory reading is amazing and I want to thank you for this ! I hope this project will keep evolving ! The potential is enormous !

I managed to make miner and courrier bot work fine. There still are some bugs like “mad clicking” when warping or attacking, but as soon as I understand how everything works, I will improve the script giving it the ability to read warp status per example, and give you guys feedback.

But this is not why I’m writing this message. I’m writing this message beacause I downloaded A-Bot today and didn’t manage to make it work. Unlike miner bot, there is nothing we can customize and I was in these situations :

  • bot doesn’t open anomaly window, so I warped myself in anomaly. But was then targetting every ennemies and sending all drones in bay, but with my Dominix it’s better to play with sentries and to send light drones only if tackled by frigates.
  • I open the anomaly scanner for bot, and he becames mad right-clicking on the first anomaly but he can’t see the menu appear (I’m talking about the menu wich let you choose between “warp to 0”, “align to”, “warp to xx kms”, etc)
  • Bot is not activating one of my armor hardener (always the same) and not activating my armor repairer (hence I’m stable)
  • Bot in anomlay is targetting everything but is not sending drones nor doing anything after targetting.
  • Bot always says warning: no configuration supplied. Didn’t find any documentation regarding how to provide a configuration file
  • And the most freeking thing : I don’t know what bot does if Neutral in local, if my ship is going down or if a NPC titan warps-in…

This is also why I prefer Miner bot : I can customize everything.

Miner bot feedback :

  • We would need an emergency break hotkey, in order to pause all bots and take manual control. (the pause button has the break hotkey, bit it is not global, miner window need to have focus).
    This is useful when you sit in front of your computer and bot is attacking a NPC dread while dying too fast to warp out. (you can see it but you can’t do anything because of the “mad clic” bug)

  • Multi client support : it would be nice to have a real multi-client support which avoids interference when launched multiple time.

RE: Targeting. I haven’t tried without guns - I was using Incursus + 1 drone.

Does your Domi have guns?

Maybe fit high slots with small pulse lasers and only light/medium drones?

I also found that the bot DOES NOT approach, orbit, keep at range or anything like that.

Any suggestions about implementing this. I have discovered that this level of coding is so far advanced from my own Hello World knowledge that I would never in a million years be able to achieve these fixse for myself :frowning:


Welcome @rh-fred!

Thanks. I also see good potential to scale this up. There are plans to improve and expand this project.

I remember two ways to customize A-Bot:

Hardeners are identified by the module tooltip. This means that types of hardeners which are very rarely used might not be recognized yet because their tooltip looks different from the common ones.

This documentation is at EVE Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release - #29 by Arcitectus

Looks like we should keep the configuration in the same container as the other use case specific code, as seen with scripts which come included with the Sanderling executable.

You can press CTRL + ALT on the keyboard to stop the bot, this also works when the miner window does not have focus.

Looks like you can avoid the interference by using the windows remote desktop sessions. This way you can have multiple instances on one windows instance.

I also found that the bot DOES NOT approach, orbit, keep at range or anything like that.

				var orbitDistance = 50000;
				var weaponDistance = 41000;
				var painterDistance = 81000;

				var listOverviewEntryToAttack =
					memoryMeasurement?.WindowOverview?.FirstOrDefault()?.ListView?.Entry?.Where(entry => entry?.MainIcon?.Color?.IsRed() ?? false)
					?.OrderBy(entry => bot.AttackPriorityIndex(entry))
					?.ThenBy(entry => entry?.DistanceMax ?? int.MaxValue)

				var targetSelected =
					memoryMeasurement?.Target?.FirstOrDefault(target => target?.IsSelected ?? false);

				var shouldAttackTarget =
					listOverviewEntryToAttack?.Any(entry => entry?.MeActiveTarget ?? false) ?? false;

				var setModuleWeapon =
					memoryMeasurementAccu?.ShipUiModule?.Where(module => module?.TooltipLast?.Value?.IsWeapon ?? false);

				var setModuleTargetPainter =
					memoryMeasurementAccu?.ShipUiModule?.Where(module => module?.TooltipLast?.Value?.IsTargetPainter ?? false);

				if (null != targetSelected)
					if (targetSelected.DistanceMin > orbitDistance)
						var orbitTargetKeyCode = WindowsInput.Native.VirtualKeyCode.VK_W;
						yield return new BotTask
							Effects = new[]

				if (null != targetSelected)
					if (shouldAttackTarget && targetSelected.DistanceMin <= weaponDistance)
						yield return bot.EnsureIsActive(setModuleWeapon);
						yield return targetSelected.ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot, "unlock");

				if (null != targetSelected)
					if (shouldAttackTarget && targetSelected.DistanceMin <= painterDistance)
						yield return bot.EnsureIsActive(setModuleTargetPainter);

In combat.cs
That will make you orbit, use target painters, webifiers, whatever.
Although, you will need to rebuild Sanderling.dll aswell, as webifiers are not in the IsTargetPainterSetIndicatorLabelRegexPattern

Probably should make this into a config file option, but I want to get something else working before I bother.

Actually, DistanceMin should probably be DistanceMax for most efficiency, but DistanceMin is more human like.

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Thank you. As a real beginner only just self-graduated from Hello World, I’ll leave this for a while until I know a bit more abbot poking around!

Edit: @mittens


Thank you all for your answers. I’m quite busy on weekdays, this is why I didn’t answer earlier

@Viir the CTRL+ALT hotkey is a hidden one which is Veeeeerry useful ! Thank you so much letting me know. We will need to improve documentation in order to let this know to new users. Will see what I could do when I will have some time.

@Viir Could you please explain me the remote desktop sessions way to avoid clicking conflicts ? You mean one RDP session per account ? Afaik desktop versions of Windows are limited to one RDP session only, right ? By the way, I’m unable to open a remote desktop session from my computer to localhost (I’m using W7) . Is this a misconfiguration or do I need a second computer ?

@mittens Thank you for this chunk of code, I haven’t found the time to properly test the Anomaly bot this weekend, will check soon.

Will keep you informed about my next findings.

P.S. : Did my first pull request :grin:

Yes, that is the idea.

With default configuration probably. But I do not see that we are constrained to this default.
Have a look at this guide on how to use Allow Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions on a desktop version of windows:

It should work without a second computer as shown in the following screenshot:

To set this up, have a look at this project to “enable Remote Desktop Host support and concurrent RDP sessions on reduced functionality systems for home usage”:


Hi all,

i"m writing here to give some feedback on miner script.

I have used the miner bot for more than a week now and in 99% of cases the bot works perfectly : mine, warp, defend him self,…

For the 1% remaining, when something goes wrong, I have seen two issues:

  • The first issue, is that sometimes the ship is unable to warp, but this issue is not related to the bot, it is related to the game, when you are too close to asteroids each time you try to get some speed to warp, you bump a rock and you stop.

The solution i found is to stop the ship ( send control + space) when all the miners modules are activated, this will avoid being at 0m inside a cloud of small rocks that prevent you from warping.

  • The second issue i saw, it that the bot sits at an asteroid belt without doing any thing. Not even locking the near asteroids, the problem seems to come from the “active modules”. He reports continuously in the log that he sees 0 mining modules.

I’m using the default miner script without major modification (the only thing i have added is to sent CTRL + SPACE to stop the ship when all modules are active)

if someone can help me with the second issue i will be grateful.

So Norton has fucked one of the files in the SDWrapper download. So frustrated. more reading required :frowning:

I’ve been playing around with the Auto.Pilot bot in Optimat.EveOnline v16.07.01 and it’s pretty handy except for one annoying (to me) feature. If you are in a system with an active incursion, the bot will do an emergency dock-up and not continue along the route. Now, I can certainly appreciate if you are auto-mining and an incursion suddenly spawns around you how you might want to emergency dock before you get wiped-out by incursion rats. But, if you’re just auto-piloting through, it doesn’t make any appreciable difference whether there’s an active incursion or not. I’ve tried to edit the code to disable this “feature”, focusing primarliy on the file src/Optimat.EveOnline.Bot/Sonst/InRaumAktioonUndGefect.Aktualis.cs but my simplistic attempts to comment out anything incursion-related didn’t work. I was apparently hampered by my lack of comprehension of the German language. Any suggestions how to change the code to ignore incursions when auto-piloting (but not missioning or mining)?

There is an auto pilot script included in the sanderling executable from Releases · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub

That particular auto pilot will not react to incursions.


There is a little more information regarding Remote Desktop, how to set it up for Eve multi client support and such here:
Remote Desktop Info

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