Botlab Client Issue

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently setup my PC with GPU passthrough using Hyper V on Windows 10 however the BotLab client installs but then the page stays white?

I assume its trying to build or spin up a process on 7400?

Is there any logs I can look at to find out why this is failing?


Hello and Welcome!
Sorry to hear about this issue.
Usually, there should be a new popup window with a more detailed error message if the program runs into an unrecoverable error or crashes.

Aside from the error reporting problem, I recently discovered you can run into this blank screen if the software component ‘WebView2’ is not yet installed on your system.

You can download an installer for WebView2 from

You don’t see this problem on newer Windows 11 because there Microsoft distributes WebView2 with Windows update.

I will change the BotLab client to trigger this component’s installation automatically.

If that port is free, it will try to start listening on that port. If another process already occupies that port, it will search for a free one upward of 7400. (You can run multiple instances at the same time)

There will be a log entry with some information in Windows Logs if a program crashes, but this case does not seem to be such a crash.
I will refine the forwarding of error messages so these end up in the already opened window.

When I run the installer from the link above on my default machine, it only shows this message:

In any case, I suggest you start the botlab client again after running that installer.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your detailed response.

In the end I setup a new VM with Windows 11 and didn’t see this issue so as you have suggested I assume the Windows 10 20H2 didn’t have the Webview2 installed.

Appreciate the update on the client so that others don’t experience further issues.

Suggestion if possible:
Iif the client gets stuck and is stuck for a certain period of time can the bot auto stop so that credits are not further consumed?

Many thanks,

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Thank you for the update. I will update the client to support installation on Windows 10 too.

Yes, I have implemented a timeout of 10 minutes for this case. Unfortunately, there is a bug in the reactor user interface: It displays inconsistent information about the session status. It looks like the session is still running in one place because that part of the UI is stuck in the old state. However, if the reactor shows the last update was more than 11 minutes ago, no more credits will be consumed for that play session.
What counts for the credits balance in the end is the amount displayed under ‘billing’. Here it already shows the correct session duration.
The session status display is updated when another play session starts. I will fix the reactor UI to update it earlier.