BotEngine logs

I’ve been using the mining bot for about 15h now.

During that time, it created 26GB logs.

That sounds like a lot of space. I will develop a compression to reduce the space needed for the logs of the mining bot. Getting it down to 10% should be doable soon.

even 2.6GB a ridiculous amount of logs for 15h considering how long the bots are going to be run on a normal basis.

I have to wonder if those logs are needed at all for an end user. An option to enable those logs for people who actually know what they’re looking at would be better imo.

Adding an automatic cleanup for the logs could also be a good idea.

Any luck adding a switch to turn these logs off?
The log size is getting quite hefty and eating up disk space


Yes, you can turn it off by setting --detailed-session-recording= option to off in the configuration UI:

Thank you so much :+1:t3: