Bot with Ishtar/Mixed Drones?

Currently using Gila: works great. Moving to a much more hazardous part of space and want to rat for a bit in cheaper Ishtar fit.

“Strategy” with the Gila bonuses was simple: medium drones. The Ishtar looks like it wants to use large for big rats and small for the scrammy/pointy/webby frigates size rats. In this part of space the pointing from the rats is aggressive, which is a problem when neuts show.

How does the Bot handle this? What’s the strategy please? Also, is there a setting that will have the bot pull/redeploy aggressors drones ?

That depends on the bot program code you choose. Most users don’t use a programming language but instead, have the program code generated from a training data set.

You follow an iterative strategy to get a bot program code for your use case: When you discover a scenario where the last generated bot program does not work as it should, you expand the training data set to cover this scenario. The new training data set results in a new bot program code, and you use that to continue. You repeat this cycle until you are satisfied with the behavior of the bot.