Bot Script Question

I’ve been looking at various threads here and I’d like to start writing my own bots for eve online. I’m finding it a bit challenging to see where to start.

Is there a main point-of-entry for the scripts, i.e, could I write a bot that does something like:

while (true):
  if (this statement is true):
    do this
  else if (this statement is true):
    do this

Is there documentation describing what all the individual functions do in the bot scripts? The scripts are all very verbose with not-so-clear naming, so I’m wondering if there’s a docs that describes the functions in more detail.

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Hey, welcome back!

Yes, the main entry point is always named botMain

This is a good example of a program code for a branch, following your example:

A note on this part of your example: while (true):
In the bot program code, the loop is implicit: When you return ContinueSession from your code, the loop (in the BotLab client) continues. When you return FinishSession, it ends.

The documentation focuses more on developers’ workflow and less on example program codes.
To see a description of what an individual function does, I recommend looking at the inputs and the corresponding outputs of concrete applications of that function.

The main entry point for guides is at

However, the long list of guides there is not ideal yet. I plan to make navigating this large amount easier with a search feature.