Bot Operation Key

The latest version 2018-01-18 of sanderling requires a “Bot Operation Key” to start a script. It have to be requested from, which requires registration.

Every time I start Sanderling I have to enter “Bot Operation Key” again? Because it is not saved somehow? The turnaround of testing some script becomes very cumbersome by this issue.

So, what is the benefit of a “Bot Operation Key”. Personally I feel annoyed by this harassment. I think others feel the same.

Thank you, saving it is a good idea.
I will improve the implementation so that you do not have to enter it again when starting the app.

The benefit of this key is making use of the software more convenient and secure. Using this key means you do not have to enter your email address and account password for authenticating.

Thanks for the information.

I have the doubt, the sanderling framework makes use of severals connections not having any need for the bots itself, but heavily depends on to be alife and valid. There must be a valid connection somehow to a license service and a bot operation key validation service. If you die, everthing of your one man show is gone including the required services, then everthing based on sanderling become simply waste.

On the other hand, there is unknown what is archieved in an encrypted way thru these steady connection lines being frequently checked. So from my point of view it is a high security risk, especially by a memory reader framework, which is able to retrieve any kind of data from everywhere. Most of the functionality is secretly encapsulated and hidden in a number of involved dlls. Noone has a clue what is contained and done in background, even in future updates.

From my point of view sanderling offers a number of high security risks first for their users.

So if i good understand now its no more free ? I used the last version and after 120 min of use … you need to pay for it 5€ for 300 000 credits …

Did i miss the post saying there was a change in the politics of this site ?

You can continue to use it for free as before.

I have received a lot of feedback showing what can be improved.
So I am adding paid versions for people who want those improvements earlier. It is work in progress, there will be an announcement for a new version.

Closed and restarted and still getting the same error…limited to 120 minutes when connecting to license server

Yeah same for me … when you enter the Key 120 mins after you can’t have a new one and you can’t use it.

What more …
I would not blame you Viir but i already offered 20€ last year to support the team … Just to thank because it was free … You might use those 20 € for the license for me than :slight_smile: i should have 1.200 Million points :slight_smile:

Failed to prepare the bot:
Free use of bots is limited to 120 minutes.
To continue using bots, proceed at

So shit comes true.

Same here. I discovered Sanderling yesterday, today it blocks me after 120 Min.

Sad, sad.

I only use it for limited time … but every time i goto use it i have to get a new key … not a good feature

I also get that you want to have a paid and free version … but having to get a new key every time you want to use it seems a little much …

May you point us to the free version please?

All versions from before 2018 are free.


where is the paid version ?


@ Viir: Thank you.

@ johdoe4: All versions since the beginning of 2018 are the paid versions.

The first paid version is in development and not complete yet.
You can see a list of releases at
At the moment, all of those are from before 2018.

What will the 300k credits get you?

Will there still be a free version? It sucks to be in development, not making any isk, and have to pay for bot app.

Those will get you help with finding the right bot for your use case.

Yes. I do not see a reason to change this.

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I’m ready to pay ,when the pay version is expected? and what features will it be ?