Bot keep prompting "Mining Hold not shown" when it is showing

Error: mining hold is not selected. Select the mining hold.

but from the screen shot you can see that the mining hold is showing

Welcome Thomas :wave:
Thank you for sharing your experience.
No worries, we will get this sorted.
That problem might be caused by the ‘Photon UI’ feature being enabled in your game client.

Disabling Photon UI in your game client settings is probably enough to fix this issue:

Thanks Michael, It works.

But now I face an issue where it says “cannot find Station in Overview”.
I already added the Station is Overview Mining Tab, but still unable to return to station.

How should I rectify this issue?

The simplest way for me to see what happens on your setup is to export the session in which you saw that problem.

You can use the ‘Export session recording archive’ button to export a session recording:

Send the recording to, then I will check it.

how do you get to this screen. I can’t find it

To get to the screen with the export button, you need two clicks:

  • In the initial screen in the botlab client, click on ‘Enter DevTools’
  • Then you will see a list of your past bot sessions. Here click on the name of the session. This is the same session name that you saw when running the bot.



ok, i found it. will try another session, then send the summary to you.

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the zip file is in here

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Thank you, in the session-recording-2022-11-16T05-09-09 I found the problem: You need to change the bot settings to use a station name as displayed in the game client. You need to change this setting:

unload-station-name = Malkalen I - Nurtura Plantation ( Station )

To this:

unload-station-name = Malkalen I - Nurtura Plantation

I see the game displayed the following list in the context menu, for example in event 1588:

Malkalen I - Nurtura Plantation
Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau
Malkalen III - Ishukone Watch Assembly Plant
Malkalen IV - M1 - Caldari Funds Unlimited Depository
Malkalen V - M1 - Ishukone Corporation Factory

You can use any of these names.

Maybe we should make a bot that selects the most similar name from the context menu in case none matches :thinking:
However, I am not so sure about the overview. In the overview, there can be more entries. I am not sure that selecting another one in the overview is always the user’s preference.

thanks, it work well now. :slight_smile:

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