Bot developement

I am a seasoned bot developer with a proven track record in bypassing a wide array of captchas and anti-bot mechanisms. My expertise extends to various areas, including mobile app automation and interactions with platforms like AWS and Cloudflare Turnstile. I have successfully worked on an impressive range of projects, each presenting unique challenges:

  • GitHub registration bot (Funcaptcha)
  • IHG Checker (Akamai Antibot)
  • PyPI registration bot (reCaptcha)
  • Brazilian Government checker (hCaptcha)
  • Captcha API key checker (Requests)
  • Ez Bio botter (Cloudflare Turnstile)
  • Lernwillig checker (Requests)
  • Kahoot brute force (Requests)
  • Reddit registration bot (reCaptcha)
  • Facebook bot (Internal Antibot + reCaptcha)
  • SMTP spoofing
  • Adfocus bot
  • Lichess Checker (Requests)
  • RCE base
  • Jugendwort vote botter (reCaptcha)
  • Growtopia registration bot (Mobile Automation)

My extensive experience and ability to tackle such a diverse range of projects make me the ideal choice for your automation needs. I’m ready to provide innovative solutions and exceed your expectations in developing bots and automating tasks across various platforms and challenges.
If you want a bot please message me on Telegram or discord:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @GigaAlex
Discord: aufbuerger