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i cant seem to find the mistake the bot made at the end which resulted in me beeing killed. When I try to export play session it says it cant be downloaded. Any help is appreciated. Also sometime the overview UI gets locked and the bot cant do anything. Files were sent to the support email. and the Error was

  • The bubble-sort distance of overview entries was at least 1 in each of the last 9 readings


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session report Microsoft OneDrive

Problem seems to arise at Events 7888 and 7889

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Many thanks for the report!

In these readings I see the game client displayed overview entries not sorted by Distance:


Since the incomplete sorting in the game client persisted, the bot kept trying to sort the overview. So far, the bot clicks on the distance column header to sort. Would you do something else in that case?

However, sorting seems unnecessary anyway when the overview window is so big that all entries are visible without scrolling. I adapted the mining bot to avoid getting stuck in such a case. It now picks the asteroid to lock based on the distance label instead of picking the one that appears topmost on the screen.

You can start the new mining bot from