Beginner, discussion about how to start

Hello evryone.

So just by curiosity I wanted to try how a ratting bot works with a VNI (I’m ratting with a super normally).

So I downloaded the release v17.05.03, process/License/Last measurement are all green.

VNI start to warp at 0 to an anom, then when landed, it just right click on my anom on the prob scanner many times and nothing happen. No orbit, no drones launched, etc.

Do I need to do something ? Do I need to add code and how to do it ?

Many thanks in advance.

Do you complete this recommendations?

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ok… now , how can i setup/load a script. And where do i put the .exe , in the archived setup download?

Lets see, what is the text shown in Bot tab in the UI?

You can use the button labeled copy to clipboard to copy that text.