Background running

Hi there, I must say great work with the bot!
I tried it a little while ago and I couldn’t exactly test it to its full extents as of yet. Will do so later in the day.

However I have noticed that my computer has to be controlled by the bot to facilitate let’s say the auto mining in eveonline.

I used to have a bot in runescape where the bot could run entirely in the background. Is there anyway possible with that?

Hello Matt :wave:,
thank you for checking it out!

There are several ways to run bots in the background.

The easiest one probably is using a virtual machine. People often do this with EVE Online.

A good virtual machine software that works with Windows is Hyper-V:

Some people also use VMWare with EVE Online, another kind of virtual machine.

There is also the option to use remote desktop protocol to create separate desktops on a single system, each with their own input focus and mouse:

However, as far as I remember, using RDP in this way is not supported by Microsoft, and people resort to third-party tools like RDPWrap to make it work.

There was also this post explaining a setup with RDP: Multi instances Support - #10 by tester