Autopilot Option -module-to-activate-always

I was looking how to set ‘-module-to-activate-always’ on Autopilot app.
But, I could not find.
Also, I would like to activate ‘mircowarpdrive’ only one cycle.
So, I will set autorepeat to off.
I wonder if the app would keep try microwarpdrive activate if it off?

Thank you!

The current script only offer basic functionality.

The MWD trick is more advanced and would require a custom routine to be written.

I cannot test as I only have a mining character but maybe something like this would work.

deactivateMWDModule : BotDecisionContext -> DecisionPathNode
deactivateMWDModule context =
    case context |> mwdModule |> List.filter (.isActive >> Maybe.withDefault False) |> List.head of
        Nothing ->
            describeBranch "MWD is deactivated."
               (waitingInSpaceDecisionTree context)

        Just inactiveModule ->
            describeBranch "I see an a active MWD module. Deactivating."
                (waitingInSpaceDecisionTree context)

Here is how to use module to activate always on the command line.

–app-settings=“module-to-activate-always = shield hardener”

Or simply like this when loading from the catalog.

This is what I exactly looking for.
However, I was also thinking about MWD trick too.
It will be great to have that.

Thank you Mohano.