Auto Joining a Specifically named fleet

Hi, I am making a script to auto join a specific fleet, but I am running into an issue. When i try to ensure the fleet menu is open and determine it is not, I then go look for the ui element to click.

But unlike inventory and chat I don’t see a fleet related object like MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.Neocom?.InventoryButton. Am I missing it or do I need to find a differnt method to click the window buttons on the left side of the interface. Thanks

Why you even need to click Neocom button? Cant you just use hotkey?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I can use the hotkey, but can the bot? I am not quite sure how to do that. Any code example would be helpful. Thanks

sorry << didn’t read all the content on the github.

Keyboard Input
Functions to simulate input from the keyboard:

Sanderling.KeyboardPress(VirtualKeyCode Key)

simulates pressing a single key.

Sanderling.KeyboardPressCombined(IEnumerable SetKey)

simulates pressing multiple keys at the same time.