AttackPriorityIndex (Abot)

Is work? from what i see, disrupted, web-ed, neut-ed, doesn’t have any effect in changing the comportment of bot.
So, web-ed, only with one target (and selected) , and after that ( I’m still web-ed by 4 rats) the bot chose to target and select one rat who is closer and it doesn’t make anything. And I’m still web-ed/disrupted/ scrammed/ neut-ed second time, third time etc … until I dye.

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as i can see from code there is nothing about attacking those which are webbing u at the moment.
attack priority is working justfine but u have to have drones on passive mode.
then bot is taking care of small shit first and bigger next.

i’ll be extending it to deal with webs/scrams so i’ll let u know if i’l succeed or not :slight_smile: