Any combat anomaly bots that work with marauders (bastion module)


Actually are there anomaly hunting bots that work for ships that require you to turn off a module when you complete it, or when a neut joins local so you can warp out safely? I’ve read around on quite a few and none of them mention beinga ble to ‘turn off’ the module THEN warp to safety so I imagine they don’t incorporate this. Many others can’t handle fighter controls either

I’ve looked at tiny miner and hillariously they don’t even allow for dropping ore off in a rorqual hangar or orca hangar. Seems so many of these bots are just incredibly limited. Surely someone has made a better bot that does what you’d want it to :slight_smile:

If you are willing to put the time this bot can do anything you want it to do.

I started from scratch pretty much in January and I have a fully automated level 1-2-3-4 security mission runner with antiganks that scan local/overview for knowns gankers(in hs) or neutral in low/null sec. It prioritise targets depending on the situation or mission objectives, can unlock acceleration gates before activating them and loot mission objective from cargo containers. It also use different sentry drones for different range from targets. When the ship is moving it stops using sentry and starts using normal drone to avoid drifting away from sentries.

I’m currently working on implementing MTU for extra ISK while clearing mission sites. I need to understand how botengine works with the inventory interface to do so.

I started with the basic scripts offered and added 1 thing at a time.

If you put your bastion module in the bottom row these function would work.

turnOffBastionModuleMaybe : BotDecisionContext -> SeeUndockingComplete -> Maybe DecisionPathNode
turnOffBastionModuleMaybe context seeUndockingComplete =
    case seeUndockingComplete |> bottomSlotModule |> List.filter (.isActive >> Maybe.withDefault False) |> List.head of
        Nothing ->

        Just activeBastionModule ->
            Just (clickModuleButtonButWaitIfClickedInPreviousStep context activeBastionModule)

turnOnBastionModuleMaybe : BotDecisionContext -> SeeUndockingComplete -> Maybe DecisionPathNode
turnOnBastionModuleMaybe context seeUndockingComplete =
    case seeUndockingComplete |> bottomSlotModule |> List.filter (.isActive >> Maybe.withDefault False >> not) |> List.head of
        Nothing ->

        Just inactiveBastionModule ->
            Just (clickModuleButtonButWaitIfClickedInPreviousStep context inactiveBastionModule)

bottomSlotModule : SeeUndockingComplete -> List EveOnline.ParseUserInterface.ShipUIModuleButton
bottomSlotModule =
    .shipUI >> .moduleButtonsRows >> .bottom

Something like this would wait for the bastion module to be off and then warp back to station. More checks are required but this is a good step forward.

turnOffBastionModuleMaybe context
    |> Maybe.withDefault
           (warpToStation context.readingFromGameClient context)
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