Any Bots for gatecamping?

Can I adant this engine for gate camping somehow?
Or I shouldnt even try?
This is not about fully automated botting.
Just lock if target is in overview put all guns and ewar and BEEP that I must pay attension.

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No problem.
To look for targets and beep as soon as one appears, you can use this code:


	if(Sanderling?.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.Target?.Any() ?? false)
		Console.Beep(500, 1000);


This kind of functionality is explained in this guide:

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I tried to use this code and for me it did not work.
I’m trying to perform the following action.

He monitors my Overview and if any player appears (any ship) he tries to target (shortcut key CTRL) and triggers the first module (shortcut key 1).

I’m trying to do this job but I can not … can you help me?

How about this way to use the mentioned shortcut keys:




Thanks for the help my friend, but what is happening is that the code


	if(Sanderling?.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.Target?.Any() ?? false)
		Console.Beep(500, 1000);


is not detecting selectable ships in the overview, the ship appears and it does not emit the audible alert.

Right, lets fix this.
It looks like the main problem is a confusion about the terms overview and target in EVE Online.

The script you posted uses the Target property on the memory measurement, but later you write you are interested in reading from the overview. These are different things in EVE Online. I will try to illustrate this better.
To clarify what Target means in EVE Online, it would be helpful to have an example screenshot. I remember Terpla has a nice guide which explains some of these terms:

In his guide, I also find this screenshot:

For Target specifically, it seems not ideal, so I go looking for a better one.
Found this one here, which contains three targets:

Do you hear the beep when such a target is on the screen for more than four seconds? (The delay is caused by the Delay in the script code)

On the other hand, if you want to read from the EVE Online overview window, use the WindowOverview property like this:


	var upmostOverviewEntry = Sanderling.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.WindowOverview?.FirstOrDefault()

	Host.Log("Name of upmost overview entry: " + upmostOverviewEntry?.Name);


Good morning, my friend, I tried to make the changes but I did not get much success.
Actually, I’m trying to get Sanderling to monitor my Overview and when any spaceships appear he’ll let me know with a Beep.

The first code is beeping, but the overview check function is not working.

you do an array of enemy ( reds) and when there is one , then beep.
you just can take the enemy list from my marvel script and use him on you script. or friends list
or you can take both and use different beeps

Enemies or allies are indifferent to me, I would just like to make a sound when any ship (enemy or ally) appears in my overview.

make an preset only with players.
and this is before while(true)

Parse.IOverviewEntry[] ListPlayersOverviewEntry => WindowOverview?.ListView?.Entry?.Where(entry =>
    !(entry?.MainIconIsRed ?? false))

and inside : of while(true) or for(;:wink:

if ( ListPlayersOverviewEntry?.Lentgh >0)
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I tried to use your code but it did not work.

and it say … what? you receive an error? it says the code is not good? it doesnt beep?

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The error I’m getting is this …

10.36.30	1		System.Exception: compilation error: (1,1): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Parse' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
   em BotSharp.ScriptRun.ScriptRun.<>c__DisplayClass61_0.<Start>b__0()

and then sanderling for.

because you do not use

using Parse = Sanderling.Parse;

without this you do only math there.
look on other scripts, do not copy paste like a child and expect to fly a rocket

Thanks for the help my friend, but as I do not know code I asked for support, if you are throwing things match for me to assemble the jigsaw, it is difficult for me to assemble because I do not know the schedule.

I made the changes using the

using Parse = Sanderling.Parse;

But it keeps giving me an error, but if it is to respond rudely, do not waste your time, another user may be able to help me.

of course it wil have another errors; that’s because you are ofended :)) and do not follow the advices.

you miss


and looking on other scripts, you will find:

Sanderling.Parse.IWindowOverview WindowOverview =>

now this will trow another error, because Measurements is not declared:

Sanderling.Parse.IMemoryMeasurement Measurement =>

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