Anomaly Script No Fight


I just discover this cool project, i’m looking for an anomaly script (Without combat).
Is it possible to probe scan with the api ?
Possible to hack data site ?

Seems impossible with this API. Anyone already try ? Any advices ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The API lets you interact with the UI elements in the eve online client. For example, clicking buttons, entering text into textboxes, reading labels, using context menus, and so on.
This means that your questions translates mostly to: Is it possible to probe scan with the UI?

I do not see any limitation in the API for the parts of the UI you would use for that.

To do probe scanning over the API, I recommend to begin like this:
Look for a way you can do probe scanning using the game clients UI. Find a way to describe to a human how to perform this task you have in mind.