Anomaly eve-online ratting

Hi everyone, having a great time using botengine, but I have a couple of questions :

  1. I was using this script but I have been killed a couple of times now by infested carriers who were already spawned. Is it possible to warp in at 100 km so you have an actual change to escape?

  2. The script turns on your afterburner before it tries to warp making the warp go super slow. Can the modules be turned off before initiating the warp drive?

  3. Is it possible to avoid anomalieswhere there is already someone else?

Thanks a lot!

As far as I remember, you can use the context menu on a probe scan result to warp in at 100 km.

Sure, you can reorder the nodes in the decision tree of your script to change the relative priorities. You can also make enabling of the afterburner depend on if you are already in an anomaly.

Yes, there are already several combat anomaly bots doing this. One of those is App ac51319449: FrontendWeb.Main

App ac51319449 also displays this message when leaving the anomaly:

Found a reason to avoid this anomaly: Found another pilot on arrival: ‘Pilot Name’

Thanks Michael, but the bot always selects warp in at 0. Is there a way I can adjust bots like App ac51319449 myself?

Yes, App ac51319449 is open source, so anybody can adjust anything.
There is a link to the source code under the ‘Sources’ heading in the catalog entry.

What do you think about adapt this line for your scenario?

When you have made a change, you can run your app using the path to the directory containing the program code files. That works both for URLs into a git repository and also paths in your local file system.

If you want only to replace the text to identify the menu entry, it is probably easier to edit the file directly on GitHub.

I was able to change the warp distance and store it localy, thanks Michael. I’m now looking how to turn off the afterburner before warp is initiated but can’t seem to find it in the script.

The most common way I see to turn off a module is to use a command to toggle the module. A toggle command will turn it on if it was off and will turn it off if it was on.
To get a function that only turns a module off, you can combine the toggling effect with a branch on whether that module is currently on.

What do you think of this approach? Does that work for you?

I’m sure it would, but I have no clue as how to make that work :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, to make it work, the next step is to find out how you identify that afterburner you wrote about.

Most people share a session recording to clarify their scenario. I did not find a link to a session recording above, so I cannot see how you do it so far.

What do you think about using the module button tooltip to identify the module button that represents the afterburner? Would that work for you?