Am i doing something wrong?

whenever i start the bot the bot just clicks here over and over again,

No, you are not doing anything wrong. You can program a bot to do just that, no problem. You choose all of the bot’s actions with your bot program. If you have any specific activity in mind your bot should do, let me know.

so im trying to get it to mine asteroids and return to station and repeat

Ok, mining asteroids is something different. From your screenshot, it looks like you are thinking of doing that in the game EVE Online. The activity of mining in EVE Online, including unloading to a station, requires about 15 kinds of interactions.
With this activity, you are lucky because people have already aggregated the training data earlier and published some mining bots. So it looks like you don’t have to worry about development. You can skip that and run one of the published bots. I recommend you take this one:

643a6b61a3 also includes some additional functions. Some of these are for convenience, helping with the corresponding setup of the user interface. Other functions are for additional automation options, like unloading to a structure instead of a station or an option for hiding from other players.