[All items are busy] message appears

Combat Anomaly Bot worked perfectly.
However, like the captured picture, the message [All items are busy] sometimes appeared.
When I searched it, it seems that it sometimes occurs because of sever’s lag.
The problem is that when the [All items are busy] message appears, no commands from the BOT are input until the [ESC] button is pressed.
If I hadn’t been watching, I would have been killed by a netural user.

  1. Add an algorithm that executes [ESC] once when the [All items are busy] message appears.

  2. Find a way to solve [All items are busy].

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Thank you for sharing your learnings.

That sounds like you ran into a somewhat risky situation. In case you have not seen it, you can avoid such a risk by testing in a simulation. Simulations let you test your app in any scenario without even starting a game client: https://to.botengine.org/guide/testing-an-app-using-simulations

Here is an app that might be better adapted to your scenario:

You can run the app in a simulation replaying the earlier session to see how the app behaves.

If you send me the archive of the session, I can run the test here. You can take this route to export your session: https://to.botengine.org/guide/how-to-report-an-issue-with-an-app-or-request-a-new-feature#getting-the-session-recording-archive

I have download the today’s session file.
How can I send to you this file ? (email or ???)
Next time the [All items are busy] message appears again, I will send the session file again.

Email should work, you can send it to viir@viir.de

Some people also used services like dropbox and google drive, that worked also.