Agency window

Could the Agency window be added to Sanderling main parse?
I am fairly new to Eve, to me Agency window seems like a good way to find opportunities (active belts for example)

I access the button by
var AgencyButton = Measurement?.Neocom?.Raw?.Button?.FirstOrDefault(btn => btn?.TexturePath?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase("theAgency.png")); Sanderling.MouseClickLeft(AgencyButton);

Then by WindowOther.LabelText array I can access the buttons, parse out by Text

I use this for mining bot currently

the agency window is already in sanderling

Which variable has parsed Agency window? Must’ve missed it :confused:

window other? look there

Yeah I’m using WindowOther now, just by the name I wasn’t sure that’s always Agency.
Maybe I misunderstand, I thought there would be easier usable formatting in the parsed data.

… there is too much infos, the format is not fixed like in window drones or overview, but floating and changeable and too many submenu. If tomorow ccp add … one thing more than already is, then the window it could be unusable. Also inside are too many links and text to parse.

But anyway you could propose to Viir this add in the request feedback category

Yeah, I guess. In that case makes more sense to parse more of the raw window data in script :+1:

The window other is the place where all things are in containers , and whats inside it doesn’t matter.
And also it seems Viir is bussy with other projects. Maybe later when (and if) somebody ask him and offer him also the measurements for the new missions window he could studdy this one also.
Agency is nice, you can travel and find agents, take systems, sec status etc is really complex and i supose later will replace some windows: journal, window probe, people and places, etc.
Its just too big also

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Most of the Eve UI is too big for me, but I am on low resolution (1366x768, 90%) :joy:

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Even for me: 1990/… & 90% is too big