Adjust my BOT [Reading 64bit]

Good night my friends BotEngine …

I follow the forum and the work that is developed here for a while and have a lot to thank to all employees.

Over time, I was adjusting my BOT staff Ratting to be the best way for my style of play, however, it only works on 32-bit client.

The EVE no longer supports 32-bit clients and therefore my BOT stopped working.

I wonder if anyone could help me make my BOT run on 64-bit client, I have all the folders and files that I edit in Visual Studio, and from it I make the “assembly” to run the Sanderling.

Someone please help me to do this work on BOT my client 64 BTS?
I use it for personal ratting.

The old 32bit approach did not work anymore. Michael archived that and starts a new one. You have to adapt your code to the new elm script.