Add useRandomMenuEntryWithTextContaining in AppFrameWork?

Here is my warpToMiningSite function using personal locations

warpToMiningSite : ReadingFromGameClient -> DecisionPathNode
warpToMiningSite readingFromGameClient =
        |> useContextMenuCascadeOnListSurroundingsButton
            (useMenuEntryWithTextContaining "locations"
                        (useMenuEntryWithTextContaining "within 0 m" menuCascadeCompleted)


There is no way to useRandomEntryWithTextContaining so the bot sometimes try to click on Personal Locations or the folder. It’s not a problem at all but it made me think about trying to create something like this. This obviously does not work in this project but by itself it works well

useRandomMenuEntryWithTextContaining : String -> UseContextMenuCascadeNode -> UseContextMenuCascadeNode
useRandomMenuEntryWithTextContaining textToSearch =
        { describeChoice = "with text containing '" ++ textToSearch ++ "'"
        , chooseEntry =
            (Random.initialSeed (getEntropyIntFromReadingFromGameClient readingFromGameClient))
                |> Random.step (Random.List.shuffle ((List.filter (.text >> String.toLower >> String.contains (textToSearch |> String.toLower))) |> List.filter (String.contains textToSearch )))
                |> Tuple.first
                |> List.head

The current implementation of useEntryWithTextContaining does not allow for randomness. Always chooses the top of the list with List.head

I’d love to be able to add this by myself but I couldn’t figure out how to make it compatible with all the different types. .text is really throwing a wrench in my method of doing it.

In the examples I found this useRandomMenuEntry function. It contains some pieces that we can reuse to build your function:

Looking closer, we can reuse almost the whole function, just need to add an additional filter to remove list items that do not match your constraint.
I added the List.filter copied from useMenuEntryWithTextContaining, which seems enough to complete your function:

useRandomMenuEntryWithTextContaining : String -> EveOnline.AppFramework.UseContextMenuCascadeNode -> EveOnline.AppFramework.UseContextMenuCascadeNode
useRandomMenuEntryWithTextContaining textToSearch =
        { describeChoice = "random entry with text containing '" ++ textToSearch ++ "'"
        , chooseEntry =
            \readingFromGameClient ->
                    |> EveOnline.AppFramework.pickEntryFromLastContextMenuInCascade
                        (List.filter (.text >> String.toLower >> String.contains (textToSearch |> String.toLower))
                            >> Common.Basics.listElementAtWrappedIndex (getEntropyIntFromReadingFromGameClient readingFromGameClient)
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I tried recycling both of these functions but I could not figure out how to make them work together.