Add mwd and 3x hardeners to simple travel script

Hello world,

I am absolutely not a programmer. I am a mechanic. Please forgive my completely naive questions here.

I love the 0km warp autopilot script included with the sanderling download. Can someone tell me how to add functionality for this process

click jump (already included)
click propulsion module (MWD or AB)
click shield hardeners in slots 1,2, and 3
click propulsion module again to turn off
Repeat process for each subsequent jump

I know this can be done because it is already present in the sample mining script. At least the bit about hardeners is. However I can’t figure out how to get it working with any kind of copy / paste. Again, sorry for my complete lack of programming knowledge. Now if you need an airplane built… that I can do.

This would make the autopilot script better. Large ships with align time over 10 seconds would benefit from the shorter align time induced by a single pulse of MWD. All ships would benefit from activating hardeners while warping.

Currently the intended goal is to autopilot a pirate faction battleship with all tank mods. (Bulkhead lows - active shield tank -adaptive invulnerability- mids)

Thank you for reading and please let me know how to solve this. If it is easier for one of you genius coders out there to just make a new script, feel free. Though I would like to understand more about scripting. That way I wouldn’t need to request every little functionality add-on.

Hello @syngiun,
thank you for the feedback.

Ok, so lets take a closer look at the sample mining script: A question I have about your observation: Did the sample mining script trigger the module tooltips when you observed it, before it activated hardeners?

Now I am curious. Where can I see an airplane you built?

I added some documentation to help people understand scripting. You can find it at