A new way to dock to stations

I see current docking way is too slow because of many menu used. So this is new way to dock using hot key and overview:

dockToStationFromOverviewEntry : BotDecisionContext -> DecisionPathNode
dockToStationFromOverviewEntry context =
        nameToDocks = ["Fortizar","Keepstar","Astrahus"]

        matchesNameToDock stringToTest =
                |> List.any
                    (\nameToDock ->
                            |> String.toLower
                            |> String.contains (String.toLower nameToDock)

        overviewEntryMatchesNameToDock overviewEntry =
            [ overviewEntry.objectName, overviewEntry.objectType ]
                |> List.filterMap identity
                |> List.any matchesNameToDock

        stationToDock =
                |> EveOnline.ParseUserInterface.maybeNothingFromCanNotSeeIt
                |> Maybe.map .entries
                |> Maybe.withDefault []
                |> List.filter overviewEntryMatchesNameToDock
    case stationToDock |> List.head of
        Nothing ->
            describeBranch ("There are no station to dock from overview entry") askForHelpToGetUnstuck
        Just stationInOverview ->
            describeBranch ("Dock to station from overview entry")
                            ( "Click on the overview entry and press the D key."
                            , [ VolatileHostInterface.KeyDown EffectOnWindow.VK_D
                              , stationInOverview.uiNode |> clickOnUIElement MouseButtonLeft
                              , VolatileHostInterface.KeyUp EffectOnWindow.VK_D

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What is ‘maybeNothingFromCanNotSeeIt’ in this context?

I get

I cannot find a `EveOnline.ParseUserInterface.maybeNothingFromCanNotSeeIt`

When trying to use this

Hi Brian,

You can add the docking station to the Mining section of the overview by right clicking on the station name and selecting add station/refinery to overview. Existing mining bot code will then pick up the docking location straight from the overview window and hence speeding up the process.

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