A-Bot Setup?

Hi. How do I set up A-Bot? All I have is the exe file and the interface is different from regular Sanderling as it does not show a way to load scripts or anything. Sorry for the newbie question but id like to be able to get it running. Is there some steps you can post for me on how to set it up from scratch? Thanks :slight_smile:

You can follow these steps to use the bot:

  • Make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or newer is installed on your system. This can be downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=49982.
  • download the A-Bot.exe file of the latest release from the releases section.
  • set the language of the eve online client to english.
  • start an eve online client and login to the game.
  • start the A-Bot.exe
  • undock, open probe scanner, overview window and drones window.
  • in the eve online client, configure the ship UI as follows
  • enable Display Module Tooltips
  • disable Display Passive Modules
  • wait for the green checkmark to appear in the Interface tab header as shown in this screenshot: (this can take up to 30 seconds)
  • press the button play to start the bot.
  • profit.

Optionally, to set up retreat:
For setting up retreat, follow guide in the following post: EVE Online Anomaly Ratting Bot Release - #29 by Arcitectus

The guide says just to download the exe file in releases. But how does one access/edit the code? Do we download the source code folder from releases as well?

That’s right, the source code is not required for setup.

If your goal is to obtain the source code, go to GitHub - botengine-de/A-Bot: EVE Online anomaly ratting bot based on the Sanderling framework and click on the button labeled Clone or download.

I’m currently having problems with the .exe. In null sec, when I start the bot, it keeps selecting and deselecting the sun icon in the top left on the screen and doing nothing.

Is the A-bot still usable? I start it up and all it does is mouse over my modules then hangs. I don’t mind paying for access but I’d like to make sure it actually works.
This is all it says. Where can I change BotTask? Or anything for that matter…

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Diagnostic: “warning: no configuration supplied.”(BotTask->BotTask->DiagnosticTask)
Diagnostic: “no suitable anomaly found. waiting for anomaly to appear.”(BotTask->AnomalyEnter->DiagnosticTask)

No, A-Bot does not work anymore.

At the moment, the quickest way I know to get an anomaly ratting bot for EVE Online is to grab one from the bot catalog.

What about the one from https://forum.botlab.org/t/bot-dfade32f-v-1-1-2-this-bot-ratting-anomaly-and-or-asteroids-it-use-tethering-zone-warp-distance-configurable-from/1589 ?

I’ve been toying with the mentioned one for a while. It took me a bit but it gets the job done. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

Do you think A-bot will ever be brought up to date?

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Thank you for the feedback.

If there is a good reason to, probably yes.
As long as there are already other bots which are easy to set up and offer all the features you’d want from an anomaly ratting bot, I think it is unlikely.

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