A-Bot Questions

Hi, i’m reading A-Bot source code.

I don’t understand this line in “SaveShip.cs” :

if (chatWindow?.ParticipantView?.Scroll?.IsScrollable() ?? true)
    return false; 

Alway return false here (master) :confused:

Ok i understand now. If scrollable, we can’t know if the local is safe, so we considere he isn’t clean.

actually if in local chat are 2000 players ( we supose) then your window is scrollable ( aka you have to sroll down and up to see if you have neutral/reds)
So return false it says "no, the window doesnt have scroll ( you can see in sanderling the things) so we consider / read the window with all 2000 players, - or what is hidden under the scroll functiion). thats because in sanderling if is scroll, then is hidden.( like in game).
if (chatWindow?.ParticipantView?.Scroll?.IsScrollable() ?? true)
return false;
become: chatWindow?.ParticipantView?.Scroll?.IsScrollable() == false

then we read all 20000000 players

I tried without the test, we don’t read all, only visibles :frowning:

that’s correct, only visible items are in memory → eg. if scroll = autoretreat

In MenuPathTask, function MenuOpenOnRootPossible(), i seen

		if (regionExpected.Region.Intersection(menu.Region.WithSizeExpandedPivotAtCenter(10)).IsEmpty())
			return false; 

I commented for use InfoPanelRoute with MenuPathTask (RouteElementMarkerNext.ClickMenuEntryByRegexPattern(bot, @“jump|dock”);).

I don’t understand for what is it. I mean about fix something, but i don’t know what :frowning: