3 problems with anomaly bot + 3 feature request


I’ve tested the anomaly bot (Everything tested on SISI) and I have some stuff I would like to share with you and to be fixed if it’s possible. I have really 0 experience with programming, so may say some stupid stuff.

  1. While fighting, if you have eve client on higher than low-quality graphic there is little bit small delay while activating modules (both run-when-rat and run-always) and the bot spam-click the modules shutting them off and on all the time for example MWD. Is possible to make the bot delay the time between check if module is running?

  2. When using drones, bot keeps spamming the “launch drones” button so fast that i get a tab with message that I am “clicking” too fast and the bot stops after that because of that tab. Same thing occurs when I finish anomaly and the bot starts spamming “return to drone bay” - I have fixed the first problem by using only the amount of drones the ship can use, but then again I don’t have any spare…

  3. When using a speed tank and you get out of LOCK range the bot right-click the rat but even when it get back in range (orbiting) it doesn’t lock it because there is a menu open over the rat when the bot R-clicked it while it was out of range.

Have an idea for Problem no.3 on fixing it. so now for feature request…

a) Add a feature to app-setting to lock a celestial item (for example in havens a pirate gate) and orbit it, instead of orbiting rats, this could work for low/hs too just write the name of object it should lock and orbit? (not sure how this would work if the bot will send drones or attack it with guns tho, maybe just make it ignore first locked target?)

b) Add a feature to app-setting for looting faction rats, maybe something like after the anomaly finish and drones are recalled, it check for faction wreck, right click it > open cargo > “Loot all” button? if bot can click on rats i think it wouldn’t be hard to make it do these 2 things?

c) Most important feature for me, is possible to combine autopilot-bot with anomaly-bot? For HS anomaly farming. I setup a route manually for example 40 jumps thru HS and the bot will follow that route and do anomaly when it finds it in system, after finishing all anomalies it just jump to next system.

problem 2 and 3 can be fixed by not using menu to do that. I changed to using shortcut key ( Hold Ctrl + left click to lock target) and ( set a shortcut key to lauch, attack and return drones )

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Thank you for answers.

I have set shortcuts in game too, just not sure how to put it in code or where even to change it, the bot is using this menu automaticly. As I stated I have 0 experience in code.

Yes, I found a bot-step-delay setting to configure a delay in milliseconds. Here is a configuration to run the bot with a delay of 3 seconds: FrontendWeb.Main

Does this solve the module toggle problem on your setup?

Yes, just tested it and it works, stopped turning modules on/off all the time, thanks ! Now I just need to fix problem 2. and I am all set :slight_smile: Trying to figure out how to change bot to take shortcuts instead of opening R-click menu.

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If the bot gets stuck, we could adapt it to your scenario to avoid this. In which branch does that happen? Do we have a recording of such a scenario of a memory reading?