Whats the difference between

So there is hopefully an awnser:

wahts the differ between; memorymeasurement, measurmentparsed and measurmentaccu?


The value behind the symbol MemoryMeasurementParsed is computed from the MemoryMeasurement. It contains popular/common interpretations of the values in the MemoryMeasurement to simplify their use when working on scripts.


An example for such an interpretation is parsing of the capacity values from the capacity gauge in the inventory window. The MemoryMeasurement contains the raw text seen in the eve online client as a string.
An example for such a string would be "3 921,5/5 000,0 м³".

The remaining capacity of a ships cargo or ore hold is an example of an information quite some scripts depend on.
Parsing the capacity gauge from the inventory UI is a way to obtain this value.
For these reasons this parsing logic is contained in the framework. The resulting values surface through the MemoryMeasurementParsed API.


The MemoryMeasurementAccu also is about simplifying use of popular patterns.
In contrast to the Parse API, it accumulates information from multiple measurements.

Howe long is the accumulation in MemoryMeasurementAccu. ( in seconds) I ask cause i saw an dead lock during docking when cargo hold capacie went emty or was not readable from memory.
My solution in a script is to only read memory values when they are readable. This cuases huge pausing time in the script and slows down a lot.

I do not see a time limit there in seconds. An example is accumulation of Tooltips about modules. The module tooltip is stored in the accu when it is visible. I do not see a reason to remove it from there just depending on the measurements age.