Warp disrapted icon

ShipUi.EWarElement and ShipUi.Sprite always null. How to catch warp disrupted icon?

Where do you see this icon on the screen? Can you mark it in a screenshot?

bool Jammed => ShipUi?.EWarElement?.Any(EwarElement => (EwarElement?.EWarType).RegexMatchSuccess(“electronic”)) ?? false; Not a working.

ShipUi?.EWarElement always null

Ok, I see. In order to adjust the memory reading to detect this I would need a sample of the eve online client process from a timespan in which the icons are displayed.

A description of how to collect such a sample can be found at http://forum.botlab.org/thread/collecting-samples-for-memory-reading-development/

I am not yet sure however when I have time to look into the sample.